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SouthWest, Florida
August 2014
Volume 2, Issue 8


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Impact-Ready Announces Clunker Program


Trade in your ugly, old or corroded hurricane shutters. Let the sun shine in, and get a Shutter Clunker trade in credit of up to $2,000. Replace your existing windows and sliding glass doors with Custom Windows insulated vinyl framed impact glass with the Energy Star rated Low E3 366 coating. This coating lets the sun shine in while filtering out 70% of the heat and UV energy of the sun.


        Before             After


What Impact Windows Will Do For You:

  1. Protect and your family from catastrophic losses
  2. Provide 24/7 hurricane protection and receive insurance discount
  3. Modernize and beautify your home
  4. Reduce cooling costs by at least 25%
  5. Reduce solar heat gain and UV damage by 70%
  6. Filter out damaging UV light, reducing fading 
  7. Guard against unwanted intruders
  8. Dampen unwanted outside sounds
  9. Reduce storm danger of falling or flying glass



If your building envelope is breached through a broken window, wind may enter the building, creating an increase in pressure that could lift the roof and push the walls outward causing the building to collapse.


Impact glass helps preserve the building envelope, minimizing damage from wind, rain and other elements.

How To Get More Information:


Call us today at 239-947-9296 and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives or

The Custom Windows web site is located at:

Please click on the “Wind Pact Plus-Impact Windows” link to view the product brochure.

The features and benefits of the window glass are described in detail at:


Additionally, it is recommended that you view two short (5 minutes), but very informative videos about impact windows at:

Please select the videos entitled “Laminated Glass” and “Energy Savings with Low E2 ”.




Southwest, Florida

July 2014

Volume 2, Issue 7

News from Impact-Ready Inc

  News-Press Features Andy as Entry Door Guru

Recent News-Press Article - Homeowners have seen the light. In front doors, that is, not the real estate market. They are saying goodbye to solid front doors and hello to decorative glass designs. In recent years, new construction and existing homes have begun featuring entries with some type of glass design. "A front entry is the epicenter of curb appeal," says Andy McCurdy, GM of Impact-Ready Inc Windows & Doors in Bonita Springs. "It's sort of the cover of the book. There's a wow factor there,” he says about decorative doors. "Suddenly the front part of your house looks well." And it's not simply aesthetically pleasing, according to design experts. Interior design consultant Barbara Bell of Barbara Bell Design Group specializes in Feng shui and says the front door

 reveals a lot about a home and its occupants. Sometimes changing the composition of the door or the appearance of the entryway can enhance the energy in the home. Entrances of some homes are not well lit by sunlight, and awnings create a shadow. Impact-resistant glass in front doors brightens entries and pro­vides resistance to ultraviolet light, McCurdy says. In addition, the doors deaden sound, he says, and are passive protection because homeowners don't have to do anything when a storm is coming. The doors provide protection 24/7. McCurdy's company offers. Impact-resistant windows and doors that are qualified according to insurance standards. The Plastpro and  Neuma Door fiberglass products, which range from single door to double doors with two sidelights, are commonly installed because they meet Florida Wind-Borne Debris Zone Requirements. The SouthWest Florida coast is considered a wind-bourne debris region. The doors have a 1" space of clear or decorative glass between one layer of tempered glass and a triple pane glass insert that is one layer of laminated glass on each side of one layer of polyvinylbutyral. A single door costs about $2,500.00 McCurdy says. McCurdy's company installed a single front door and two full glass sidelights at the Fort Myers home of Scott Myers,

who says he went to home shows to look at the products available. "I wanted to put something in that was impact," Myers says, "and I wanted to get more brightness in the front." The style of Myers' door is typical of the popular choices these days, the deep rectangular pane. PlastPro and Neuma Door full glass options range from 20" by 64" to 22" by 80". (Continued at "More About Entry Doors" below.)  


                          Weather Watching Tips



 In today’s world of internet connectivity, we should all take advantage of at least four sources to find out what is going on with the weather – particularly if we have a home in hurricane prone Florida. The first source is First, be sure to set up your own personal page at this super website. As you configure your page, you can have it report everything about the weather at your current location. Be sure to look at things like the weekend weather, the 10 day forecast and the other features across the weather toolbar. It is then fun to set up a weather watch list for 5 other locations like your Florida home or northern home, locations where kids, grandkids and friends live. That way every time you go to the site, all of that information will be right at your finger tips. The second source is the National Oceanic Administration satellite weather view. For example, will give you a very useful view of the Florida peninsula and the Gulf of Mexico. If you are trying to see if the weather will clear to play golf or go to the beach, you can get up to the minute visual information about what the clouds are doing now and for the last 5 hours. Finally, a crucial tool for use during the dreaded hurricane season is the tropical update at  This source will not only give you current information but pretty accurate hurricane track predictions. The ultimate hurricane information can be found at This site not only shows where all the significant weather disturbances are, but shows predicted tracks and probabilities regarding where a hurricane will hit. So, if you spend any time on the internet at all, it is recommended that you set these four sites as favorites and give them all a try when the hurricane season heats up. You will be glad that you did.


More About Entry Doors

Myers' door glass features a soft leafy pattern on the vertical rectangular parts, with a licorice twist effect on its angeled parts and along the sidelights. The glass designs are visible in daytime and nightime, from a distance too. He says turning on the outside or the inside lights allows people to see the stained glass. Actually, it's like hang­ing a picture in my win­dow," he says: "It looks pretty." Some glass inserts, such as the Masonite Glace model, have a simple internal grill- five rows of three glass panes. Others, including the collection's Victorian and Nassau options, have internal frills such as top arches and flowery or swirly center elements. The Millwork Sales Inc. pamphlets at McCurdy's business show glass with or without the intricacies. The Hurricane option pro­vides the circular motion of the storm with gradations in tint. But the Seville has dramatic shades, shapes and patterns, including Karolite and glue chip bevels, in a much busier look. Obscure glass is pre­ferred, because homeowners "like a lot of light, but they don't want someone to see in. "The Balke family in Fort Myers had McCurdy replace the front single door which Pam Balke says had been on the home 21 years. "The door opened inward," she says, "It took up a lot of space." She wanted another steel door, to open out­ward. The decorative glass still affords the desired pri­vacy but "makes the whole room look brighter," she says. "It looks almost Christmassy. It's like a prism in there." Receiving door orders takes two or more weeks, but installation is a one ­day job. 

Shop For Entry Doors On Line

The first thing to do when deciding what kind of an entry door system you want is to go to the Plastpro website at

Here you can select the basic door style that you want.  You should determine at this point whether you want impact or non-impact doors. Impact doors will be the most expensive but will provide the hurricane protection. In some cases, you can also select the glass that you want. In many cases, however, you will find the most elegant and ultimate glass selections at Additional great designs for a little less money can be found at The most economical designs can be found at After you have selected one or more favorites, give us a call, and we will have one of our entry door experts help you make your final choice.


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SouthWest, Florida
June 2014
Volume 2, Issue 6


                      How to Keep From Getting Zapped

  Here is a personal story that might end up being a help to you. Our 5 year old refrigerator just stopped cooling. The technician came out and discovered that the compressor start relay had taken a power surge that made it fail. It was burned so badly that the compressor also had to be replaced because its power contacts coming from the relay were melted. The tech said, “Most of our repair calls are from damage caused by repeated Florida lightning power surges. Many times it is not just one surge, but multiple surges that do a refrigerator in.”


                            Whole House Surge Suppressor Being Installed By FPL Technician


We had just gotten the refrigerator fixed when our 6 month old air conditioning compressor was also hobbled by repeated thunderstorm power surges. We looked at installing surge suppressors for individual items in our home, but we then discovered the FPL Surge Shield Heavy-duty surge protector installed at our meter. (See above) It protects A/C, refrigerators, washers, dryers and other large household items. Its Maintained and monitored by FPL, is installed for free and adds $9.95 plus tax/month on our FPL bill. (Customers must be in a single-family home, duplex or town home.) By the way, if your Surge Shield itself is damaged by multiple hits, FPL will replace it at no charge. If you have a protection interest, log on to:

  You may also want to check with your Northern power company if you live in a surge prone area and want protection there. The Surge Shield device is advertised only to protect the big stuff. Additionally, you may want to get in-home protection devices for your electronics such as TVs, computers, etc. The FPL website link above also gives advice about your electronics.  

                Hurricane Season For 2014 To Be Very Active

After an early start to the Atlantic hurricane season, we currently have six named storms in the rear view mirror. However, according to the National Hurricane Center, the second half of the season may get rather busy.

To be honest, that is not too much of a reach given that the peak of hurricane season has yet to come. However, given that El Nino is expected to develop during the peak does make this a bit more impressive.

That's because El Nino causes vertical wind shear to increase over the Atlantic. Hurricanes and wind shear do not get along and in most cases would suppress the development of anything tropical because it cannot build vertically without being torn apart, so to speak, by the wind shear.

“We are increasing the likelihood of an above-normal season because storm-conducive wind patterns and warmer-than-normal sea surface temperatures are now in place in the Atlantic," Gerry Bell, the lead seasonal hurricane forecaster at the Climate Prediction Center, said.

Warmer waters act as fuel to feed these tropical systems. According to Bell, “These conditions are linked to the ongoing high activity era for Atlantic hurricanes that began in 1995. Also, strong early-season activity is generally indicative of a more active season.”

In May, the National Hurricane Center issued their initial outlook for the 2012 hurricane season calling for 9-15 named storms, 4-8 hurricanes and 1-3 major hurricanes. A normal Atlantic hurricane season, which is based on a 30-year average, produces 12 named storms, six hurricanes, and three major hurricanes.

The updated forecast still calls for a 50 percent chance of a near-normal season however, it increases the chance of an above-normal season to 35 percent while decreasing the chance of a below normal season to 15 percent from May’s forecast outlook.

The updated forecast does include the six named storms so far this season to date. The new forecast calls for 12-17 named storms (top winds of 39 mph or higher) including 5-8 hurricanes (top winds of 74 mph or higher), of which 2-3 could be major hurricanes (Category 3 or greater with minimum max winds of 111 mph).                
Our New Line Of Impact Rated Garage Doors 

 Many of our customers have done a great job protecting their window and entry door openings, but they have not paid enough attention to protecting the largest opening they have – the garage door. If the garage door is not of impact design, the entire home envelope could be compromised during a severe storm.

  As an alternative to an impact garage door, “storm bars” can be installed to provide extra support to existing non-impact garage doors.

  In order to provide full protection to our customers, we offer two styles of impact garage doors. These basic styles are insulated impact and steel impact. Here is a link to the Clopay garage door website that gives you all of the latest information on these fine products:

                                    Are You Ready?


        Clopay Insulated Impact Garage Door With Impact Glass Lites


  OK, which door is the right one for me? If you are looking for the least expensive impact garage door solution with a little higher wind rating, and you are not interested in the energy saving and noise reduction, then the steel impact door will do the job. If you want an impact door with a wind rating almost as high along with energy savings and noise reduction, then the insulated impact door might be the right solution. Ask us about the cost of each door system.

    Call Us today for your No Cost, No Obligation Consultation 239-947-9296!

SouthWest, Florida
May 2014
Volume 2, Issue 6

News From Impact-Ready, Inc.


Our New Interactive Showroom Is Opened In Bonita Springs

After being in business for 24 years with our headquarters and showroom in Fort Myers, we are proud to announce the opening of our new ‘interactive’ showroom in the heart of Bonita Springs at 8941 Quality Road (That’s just off US 41 near the Bernwood Center) Ok, so what is an ‘interactive’ showroom? Well, first you can choose from a number of short but very informative presentations in our video room. Learn all about hurricane impact glass and watch it being

                                           New Twin Impact Window

manufactured and tested at the Cardinal Glass factory in Ocala, Florida. Hear the story about the energy saving benefits of insulated impact glass windows coated with Florida Low E glass. This new miracle coating lets the light in while keeping the heat out in the harsh Florida environment and reduces you’re A/C bill by 25%. See video slide shows from many of our local impact glass installations. If you are simply interested in enhancing your Florida life style by enclosing your existing lanai or adding a Florida Room, you can see a slide show of some of the rooms we have done. You can also see an actual demonstration of an insulated impact window being subjected to a live thunderstorm. See how it comes out! Our hours are Monday – Friday, 10am to 5pm and Saturdays by appointment. We’ll see you there!

 Impact Windows Manufactured By Custom Windows Are Top Of The Line

During our more than 24 years in business, we have always provided our customers with superior products and professional installations. Four years ago, we established a special relationship with Custom Window Systems Inc. of Ocala, Florida to have them manufacture our top of the line vinyl framed insulated impact windows. Our special factory pricing allows us to provide our customers with their Energy Star energy efficient windows at the same price as an aluminum non-insulated window offered by our competitors. We always install these windows with Low E3 glass that is 40% more energy efficient than the traditional aluminum framed window. Vinyl windows last longer, permit less air and water infiltration and have more corrosion resistance as well. Visit the Custom Windows website at and review the Wind Pact Plus Coastal Series brochure for all of the details on this outstanding window product.
What You May Want To Know About Impact-Ready Inc – Windows and Doors

Our business provides comprehensive aluminum and glass services from our new headquarters located at 8941 Quality Road in Bonita Springs. This facility provides a shop for preparation of impact windows and hurricane shutters for final delivery and installation Additionally, the 7000 square foot showroom and production plant has been specifically designed for the fabrication of lanai enclosures, hurricane protected enclosures, glass rooms, screen rooms, carports, railing and other custom aluminum work.

We have sales, administration, engineering, construction, and quality control areas of responsibility at this headquarters. We provide residential and commercial remodeling services in Lee, Collier, Hendry and Glades Counties. We also provide statewide commercial remodeling services for the Elite 2000 product line.Our staff of dedicated professionals has been serving the needs of Southwest Florida for more than 24 years providing excellent customer service, high quality products and installations, and competitive prices. We have now become one of the leading sources of Florida rooms and enclosures in the industry. At Impact-Ready Inc, you will receive the treatment you want and deserve with efficiency and respect!

Referral Award Info Here:

Simply call 239-947-9296 with referral information for a person who may be interested in having a project done by Impact-Ready Inc. Once that project is complete, you will get a check in the mail. It’s as easy as that!

Award Schedule

$50.00 FOR JOBS UP TO $5,000.00

         $75.00 FOR JOBS $5,000.00 TO $10,000.00

$100.00 FOR JOBS $10,000.00 AND OVER



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