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"Magic Wall" Lanai Enclosures

For many years, the only way to accomplish a non-impact lanai enclosure has been to install 3/16" thick acrylic sliding doors. We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new "Magic Wall" sliding  doors and windows by Solara Industries to enclose your lanai. They are now building permit approved to use light weight 1/8" thick non-impact glass panels that can easily be removed and stored just like acrylic panels if desired when a storm is coming. Most importantly, the glass panels can be cleaned with Windex or ammonia without fear of damage. Acrylic panels will be damaged and become crazed if repeatedly cleaned with regular glass cleaners. Please contact us for more information.  

Windsert Entry Doors

Does your residence have one or more of those old ugly entry doors with the glass jalousie windows that not only let air and water leak into your home but also provide very little, if any, intrusion security?

This new on the market impact or non-impact rated entry door will not only greatly improve the appearance of your home but it is water proof while at the same time providing intrusion security and hurricane protection. It also has a built in single hung window with a screen that can provide ventilation when you want it.

Here it is - the new Windsert Entry Door:


Florida Approval
# 14803-R1
# 14805

"The Ventilation Combination"

This new product by DLP Industries is an operational window insert/door combo for a standard size exterior door opening. This product is available in both full light or half light configurations making it the perfect new alternative to the old jalousie style doors. When the window is open, fresh air is introduced into the home, eliminating the need for a screen door. This product is offered with an amazing security screen option. With the window open, the security screen allows the cool breeze in and keeps the insects out, all without compromising security.
  • Perfect for beach side residents
  • Excellent for condominium doors, patio doors, cabana bath doors, and side garage doors
  • Replaces old jalousie style doors
  • Offered with clear or obscure glass along with several other glass options
  • Offered in IMPACT and NON-IMPACT

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