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Window Craftsmen Glass Sliding Doors

Glass Sliding Doors
50 Rated

45 Rated Sliding Glass Doors

Our all-purpose doors were designed to offer the greatest number of size and configuration options while still meeting very substantial wind loads. The two-, three-, and four-track main frames will accommodate a variety of by-passing or center-meeting arrangements as well as heavy-duty box screens that utilize the same rollers as the door panels.

Like all of Window Craftsmen's sliding glass doors, the 50 Series has no fixed panels - they're all movable, all the time.

Glass Sliding Doors
70/75 Rated

70 Rated Sliding Glass Doors

These super-high-performance doors were designed to withstand the worst weather Florida has to offer - without sacrificing the elegant looks typical of Window Craftsmen's entire product line.

The basic Series 75 door features 1/4" tempered glass and heavy aluminum I-beam reinforcements to the stiles.

The impact door Series 70 door has the same construction but is glazed with laminated glass consisting of an .090" thick layer of Saflex polyvinyl butyral interlayer sandwiched between two lites of 1/4" heat-strengthened glass.

Typical of Window Craftsmen's sliding glass doors, the by-passing panels will slide either way - high design pressures are not achieved by fixing the panels within the door frame. The optional box screens are built to last as long as the doors themselves and never jump or stick in the track.

  1. White or bronze aluminum extrusions.
  2. Special high-security head jamb.
  3. Energy-efficient through-tinted glass in a variety of colors available.
  4. All stainless steel fasteners.
  5. Nylon rollers in aluminum housings for quiet, effortless, trouble-free operation. Tandem rollers for the impact doors.
  6. Extensive weather stripping, including heavy interlock fin.
  7. Stiles reinforced with all-aluminum I-beam stiffeners.
  8. Limited lifetime warranty.
  9. Never an up-charge for custom sizes. 

Limited LifetimeWarranty


Window Craftsmen Inc. warrants to the original resident purchaser that any window or door is free of manufacturing and/or

material defects. This warranty applies to normal use provided said materials are properly installed and regularly maintained,

per the cleaning and maintenance instructions listed below.

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY FRAME: The aluminum frame is warranted for life, if properly installed and used, to the

original consumer purchaser, to be free of defects in material and workmanship, ordinary wear and tear excepted.

LIMITED FIVE YEAR WARRANTY – COMPONENTS: Component parts are warranted for a five (5) year period

commencing from the date of sale to the original consumer purchaser as long as he/she owns resides in the home in

which products were installed, ordinary wear and tear excepted. 

LIMITATIONS OF WARRANTY: This limited warranty does not apply to any damage caused by or the result of improper

handling, installation, operation, maintenance, accident, fire, natural disaster, explosion, abuse, vandalism, chlorine, chemicals

from sprinkler systems, or other external forces. This warranty shall be null and void if harmful solvents are used to clean the

frame, sash component, acrylic or if the frame and/or sash component are painted or coated in any way. This warranty is not

transferable and ensures only to the benefit of the original consumer purchaser.

This limited warranty is made in lieu of all other express warranties and extends only to the original consumer purchaser. In no

event shall Window Craftsmen Inc. be liable for special, punitive, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages or losses the

consumer may suffer or incur in connection with this product or its use or for any delays in performance of this warranty due to

circumstances beyond its control. Any warranties implied by law, including those of merchantability and fitness for use or for a

particular purpose are limited in duration to the express warranties herein.

COVERAGE OF WARRANTY: The obligation of Window Craftsmen Inc. under this warranty shall be limited to repair or

replacement of any warranted parts found to be defective within the applicable period described above and in accordance with

terms and conditions described elsewhere herein. Any labor incurred is not covered under warranty.

CLAIMS PROCEDURE: If a warranty claim should become necessary, the original consumer purchaser MUST contact the

INSTALLING DEALER. No person, firm or corporation is authorized to alter or change the above warranty or to impose any

other liability on Window Craftsmen Inc.


DISCLAIMER: Glass has prevalent characteristics such as slight discolorations, blurs, bubbles, and hairline scratches. These

are inherent qualities that meet or exceed the standard specifications for flat glass. Standard Clear glass contains low amounts

of iron which give the glass a slight green hue. Heat strengthened glass has a slight distortion factor which may be visible.

LIMITED FIVE YEAR WARRANTY – INSULATED OR IMPACT GLASS: Insulated/Impact glass is warranted for a five (5) year

period commencing from the date of sale to the original consumer purchaser as long as he/she owns and resides in the home

in which the products were installed. This warranty is not transferable and ensures only to the benefit of the original consumer

purchaser. Glass is not manufactured by Window Craftsmen

COVERAGE OF WARRANTY: Insulated is covered against seal failure only. Impact is covered against delaminating only. The

obligation of Window Craftsmen Inc. under this warranty shall be limited to only the repair or replacement of glass. Any labor

incurred is not covered under warranty.


1. Glass can be cleaned with a glass cleaner or Windex.

LIMITATIONS OF WARRANTY: This Warranty is VOID AND DOES NOT APPLY to units that were improperly handled; to

units that were installed improperly by the installing contractor; to units which are subjected to stress resulting from localized

application of heat, causing excessive temperature differentials over the glass surfaces or edges of the unit; to glass units that

are cracked, shattered or broken when strain is applied to the glass unit by, among other things, movement of the building or

by objects or forces other than the building; to units which have been cleaned with or exposed to any petroleum-based or

acidic substance; to units exposed to protective materials used on stucco construction, or to damage caused by accident,

forces of nature, misuse, abuse, vandalism or other external forces. APPLICATION OF ANY AFTER MARKET COATING OR



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