Here Are Pictures Of Many Of The Windows We Can Install For You In Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples, Marco Island, Sanibel Island, Cape Coral, LeHigh Acres, and all other nearby locations.
They Can Be Installed As Impact Windows Or Non-impact Windows.

Twin Double Hung Windows with Vertical Center Mullion

            Single Hung Impact Windows

Casement Impact Window

Horizontal Impact Sliding Window

Impact Picture Window

Awning Window

Even though we are a dealer for and install windows produced by four primary manufacturers, our key manufacturing partner for windows is Custom Windows of Ocala, Florida.

Because we are a master contractor for them, we can purchase top of the line windows from them at low prices and can pass the savings on to our customers.

The savings are so significant, that we can offer our customers Low E Energy Star rated vinyl framed, insulated impact windows at a lower price than aluminum framed single pane windows offered by other manufacturers.

Custom Windows not only provides us with the best vinyl framed impact windows in the marketplace, but they stand behind their products and provide excellent direct customer support when needed.

Custom Windows is the second largest manufacturer of windows in the Southeast following PGT.

Custom Window Systems

Here is a picture of the Custom Windows manufacturing facility in Ocala that is co-located with the Cardinal Impact Glass manufacturing facility. The fact that the two plants are located together allows lower manufacturing costs and higher quality products.

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  Introducing SIW Windows - our leading aluminum framed window supplier.

SIW Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows & Doors manufactures the highest quality aluminum Impact resistant windows and doors.

SIW offers a complete line of windows including casements, project-outs, rolling, single hungs, fixed and architecturals windows that we design to protect and resist hurricanes.

We also manufacture french, decorative and commercial doors that don't require the use of shutters and meet the highest impact standards.

Our hurricane impact resistant windows and doors were designed to imitate the look of wood, yet eliminating the high maintenance, swelling, and cost.

Please click on the following link to view the website and products offered by SIW:


                               Green Windows                                Miami Dade County Approved

Terms and Conditions

SIW IMPACT WINDOWS AND DOORS LLC warrants to the original purchaser that all of its products shall be free from defects in material or workmanship for the periods specified below. This warranty applies to the products under normal use, subject to the conditions herein, and as determined by SIW IMPACT WINDOS AND DOORS, LLC in its sole discretion. This warranty does not cover damages attributable to improper installation, inadequate maintenance, improper product use, normal weathering, highly corrosive environments, damages caused by fire, accident, flood, acts of God, vandalism, building settlement or structure failures, or other occurrences beyond SIW IMPACT WINDOWS AND DOORS LLC control. SIW makes no representation, warranty or guaranty, express or implied, as to the performance of its products in a tropical storm or hurricane. SIW products were tested in accordance with Miami-Dade County code requirements. Certain conditions may exist during a tropical storm, hurricane or tornado that exceeds these requirements.

SIW's liability under this warranty is limited to repair, replacement or refund as determined by SIW in its sole discretion and does not include removal, installation, repair or replacement of trim, stucco or other finishes. Decisions as to whether to repair, replace or refund will be made by SIW in its own discretion. Replacement parts provided will be in the closest equivalent product available. The warranty will not be extended by supplying replacement parts.

Registration of Warranty Coverage

The warranty applies to the original purchaser of SIW products in the home or structure where originally installed and within the state of Florida. The owner must register the product through our office at 975 S. Congress Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33445 within 90 days of installation or delivery.

Structural Integrity of Windows and Doors

The aluminum vent, panel and framing members shall be free from defects in material of workmanship and maintain their structural integrity and form for a lifetime.


Breakage - SIW warrants against stress cracks in glass for life time from delivery (removal and installation excluded). Other imperfections such as scratches or reflected distortions from a tempering or heat strengthening process are to be expected and are not covered under this warranty.

Laminated Glass

SIW warrants that for a period of twenty (10) years from delivery under normal conditions of use, that the products shall be free of defects resulting in material edge separation or obstruction of vision from delamination.

Insulated Glass

SIW warrants that the sealed glass component of insulated glass shall be free of defects resulting in material obstruction of vision or film formation caused by dust or moisture on the internal surface of a sealed unit for a period of ten (10) years following delivery.


SIW warrants that its screens will be free of material defects for a period of three (3) years from delivery.


For products originally installed in a single family residence: SIW warrants that for a period of ten (10) years that the mechanical operation of hardware components will be free from material defect (installation excluded).

For products originally installed in non-single family residential applications: SIW warrants that for a period of three (3) years that the mechanical operation of hardware components will be free from material defect.

Paint Finish

Standard powder 10/10 paint finishes: SIW warrants that for a period of ten (10) years following date of shipment that the paint finish will not blister or peel. Products installed within three (3) miles of bodies of salt water carry a warranty of five (5) years from the date of shipping

Kynar resin and other AAMA 2506 finishes: SIW warrants that for a period of twenty (20) years following date of shipment that the paint finish will not blister or peel.

SIW paint finish warranties described herein do not cover anodized finishes scratches, weathering or products that are not properly maintained as provided for in this warranty.



WinGuard® Impact-Resistant Windows

Hurricane protection is just the beginning.  With over two million units installed and no reported impact failures, WinGuard Impact-Resistant Windows from PGT meet the most stringent code requirements for hurricane-force winds and flying debris.  But WinGuard does so much more for your home, your family and your belongings.  These custom windows help provide year-round security against thieves and intruders, dramatically reduce outdoor noise and filter out 99% of the UV light that enters your home and causes fading.  When combined with our insulating glass you have energy efficient windows that can significantly reduce cooling and heating costs.  More homeowners have chosen WinGuard to protect their homes than any other brand.  It’s continuous, 24/7 protection – without having to think twice.

Click on this link to view the Winguard part website and product brochures for the types of windows you are looking for:


Simonton Windows

About Simonton Double Hung Windows
For Applications Where The
Double Hung Design Is Needed

Simonton understands that residents of coastal areas want the best impact protection available against strong storms and high winds. That’s why Simonton StormBreaker Plus® windows and patio doors are designed to be extremely strong. Plus, they’re constructed of premium vinyl to achieve excellent thermal efficiency. And they provide years of beauty with almost no maintenance.

Simonton StormBreaker Plus® vinyl windows and doors lead the way in proven impact performance. Their durability starts with double-strength glass that’s laminated so it is able to withstand high winds and flying debris without the need for plywood or shutters. Profiles made of remarkably sturdy premium vinyl are then reinforced with steel. The result is a line of impact-resistant windows and doors so impressive they can even survive stringent building codes.

Simonton StormBreaker Plus® vinyl windows and doors are different. Their premium vinyl is inherently an excellent insulator. Unlike other materials, such as aluminum, which conduct energy easily, vinyl does not. When combined with a double-strength, laminated insulating glass unit, our vinyl windows and doors are truly superior in helping a home retain cooled air, regardless of outside temperatures. In fact, StormBreaker Plus® products are so thermally efficient, they can be ordered to meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines—even in harsh climates

Simonton StormBreaker Plus® windows are available in a variety of styles, along with coordinating Patio and Garden Doors. All products are available with an assortment of glass and grid options typically associated with traditional windows. Their attractive vinyl profiles are designed to complement virtually every architectural style, with classic lines and a rich appearance that reveal little of their formidable strength. And their beauty will not fade, even in harsh conditions. Unlike aluminum, premium vinyl will never pit, peel or flake. Best of all, they require virtually no maintenance.

Styles and Shapes

Double Hung
Both sash on Double Hung windows open fully.

Single Hung
Top sash remains fixed, while bottom sash opens.

Double Slider
Both sash open and close by gliding from side to side.

Single Slider
One sash opens and closes by gliding from side to side, while the other remains fixed.

Sash are hinged on the side and crank open a full 90 degrees* for maximum ventilation.

Sash are hinged on top and crank out and upward.

Picture windows are fixed and do not open or close.

Geometrics are fixed windows available in stylish shapes.

Bay windows are created by mulling three windows at either 30- or 45-degree angles.

More rounded in appearance than a Bay, Bow windows feature windows mulled at 10-degree angles

Garden Window
Garden windows feature functional Casement sidelites and create a sunlit area to showcase plants or collectibles.

Window Hardware Information

This is an area where very small details can make a very big difference. Every piece of hardware used for Simonton windows is designed for serious long-lasting performance. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun and express yourself. Whether you choose the gleaming richness of brass hardware, the understated simplicity of color-matched hardware, or any of our other finishes, you’re assured of legendary Simonton quality day in and day out.

Glass Options

When it comes to saving energy and keeping your home more comfortable, you need the right glass package to get the job done. Simonton Windows® combines the most effective features and the most advanced designs to achieve truly impressive year-round thermal performance. 

Standard Glass Package The standard glass package on most windows comprises ProSolar™ soft coat Low E glass, an Argon gas fill, the Intercept® spacer system and a deep-set insulating glass unit.

In summer months, Low E glass keeps cool air inside while keeping hot air outside. In winter, Low E glass keeps warm air in and cold air out. Low E glass also blocks 84% of UV rays which can fade carpets, draperies and artwork.

1” I.G. and Super Spacer® This upgrade combines double-strength ProSolar™ soft coat Low E glass, an Argon gas fill, the Super Spacer® solid silicone foam spacer and a 1” insulating glass unit.

Krypton Gas Fill Available on select series, this optional upgrade increases efficiency by replacing air in the insulating glass unit with Krypton gas. Nearly 12 times the density of air, Krypton gas provides superior insulation.  

Laminated Glass For the ultimate in efficiency and security, choose laminated glass. This remarkable glass blocks over 99% of the sun's most damaging UV rays. For added safety, the laminated glass will not fall out inside the home if the window is struck with force and also helps reduce noise transmission.

Please click this link to visit the website and learn more about Simonton Windows

                                                               La Finestra Italian Windows & Doors

La Finestra has been dedicated to the manufacturing of technologically advanced high quality Windows and Doors first in Europe and since 2001 in the USA. Our products are designed to satisfy the discriminating taste of building professionals and home owners.

La Finestra combines beauty and versatility with high European Technology. Our goal is to manufacture a high-tech product without compromising the style and elegance characteristic of Italian design.
We pay great attention to the choice of raw materials and the selection of skilled personnel. All of our aluminum profiles, hardware and technology are imported from Italy.

La Finestra has tested its products to be impact resistant in accordance with the Miami-Dade County Product Control approval 201-203-204 (N.O.A) File: 07-1107.04 – 08-0110.10 – 07-0201.06 – 08- 0208.01–08-1126.03 – 09-0203.09.

                              Windows & Doors


The strong, solid, extruded aluminum structure of our products combined with our impact-resistant glass protects your home from weather inclemency, dust, insect and added security measures. La Finestra’s Windows and Doors drastically reduce the amount of external noise that enters your home.

When a La Finestra window or door is closed, it results, in a 33 dB (approximately) drop in outside ambient noise.

Maximum Approved
Width: 72?
Height: 96?
Minimum Recommended
Height: 40?
Design Pressure
110 psf
Negative: 110 psf
Water: 17 psf


N.O.A. # 08-0110.10
N.O.A. # 08-1126.03


Maximum Approved
Width: 48?
Height: 96?
Minimum Recommended
Width: 21?
Height: 21?Design Pressure
Positive: 75 psf
Negative: 75 psf
Water: 11 psf

N.O.A. # 08-0208.01

Fixed Window

Maximum Approved
Height: 120?
Minimum Recommended
Height: 14?
Design Pressure
120 psf
Negative: 120 psf
Water: 18 psf


N.O.A. # 07-0201.06

 La Finestra’s locking systems are designed for your home’s protection. Our windows and doors feature a unique four to ten point closure systems, which forms a hermetic seal against the elements. The mechanism just takes a single-handed turn of the handle to close it. In addition, the closure system and sturdiness of its construction has enabled the products to receive the Impact Resistant Miami-Dade County Product Control approval.
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      Casement Window with fixed Arch

Single Hung Windows 

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